Ground Engagement Tools

We provide a comprehensive range of ground engagement tools for the piling and construction industry.

The tools we supply are renowned for their exceptional durability and wear resistance, from the EU, predominantly from Germany and also the USA. All tools are interchangeable with Betek and Bauer equipment. Click on the links below to learn more about each product:

The PSS05-X (BK47K22H) is our top selling conical tool for use in demanding conditions.

The PSS05-X series tool on the right wearing exceptionally well, in demanding ground conditions in Glasgow. Tools on the far left are Chinese versions of the B47K. They have prematurely worn down due to bad retainer design, heavy tool wash and irregular carbide wear. The tools were mounted on a dual flight rock auger

The PSS05-X tooth provides exceptionally durability due to the proprietary

hardness throughout the entire head for better wear protection.  It has a hardened steel alloy body for maximum strength.

Suitable for very hard, well compacted, slightly weathered, thickly bedded rock such as granite, basalt, iron ore (hematite, magnetite) Ideal for use in the Welsh valleys and Scotland.

To enquire about this item and our full range of ground engagement tools, click here.

Above is a video of our core barrel teeth in action in Wales. They are being used by highly experienced geotechnical engineers, PJ Edwards, who specialise in the heavy duty end of the piling market.