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Crimped and Swaged Mini Piling Tubes

Auger Cleaning Ropes

Concrete Placement Accessories

Tremie Tubes

Hollow Stem Couplings

Mini Piling Hollow Stem Couplings

Auger Bungs

Pre-slit Debonding Foam

Clip-on Pile Cage Spacers

Reinforcement Accessories

We can source prime, downgraded, surplus or recycled tubes from trusted and reliable sources. Our approved suppliers network extends throughout the United Kingdom and Europe. 

We also supply tubes to the drilling and windfarm industry.

We can supply non standard tubes to your specified requirements, rolled from S275 and 5355 plate.

We recently supplied tubes to a prestigeous contract in Scotland for a new ferry terminal at Loch Ryan.

Standard Pile Casings

We can supply the following pile casings:
Pile CasingsPile Casings

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One of our tubes being driven in by Quinn Piling at Loch Ryan:Pile Tube Loch Ryan