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Tubes and Casings

Crimped and Swaged Mini Piling Tubes

Auger Cleaning Ropes

Concrete Placement Accessories

Tremie Tubes

Hollow Stem Couplings

Mini Piling Hollow Stem Couplings

Auger Bungs

Pre-slit Debonding Foam

Clip-on Pile Cage Spacers

Reinforcement Accessories

Foundation Drilling Tools & Tungsten Wear Strips

The outsourcing of materials and equipment is one of our key services.

We have a huge supplier database from which we can provide excellent prices for a vast range of products.

We are frequently engaged in sourcing steel plates, sections and tubes for our customers.

We supply a wide range of ancillary piling and drilling equipment from ground engagement tooling to mast sheave wheels.

Estimators are most welcome to enquire about the cost and availability of any product or service connected with the foundations and drilling industry.

We would be delighted to have to opportunity to quote for your requirements.

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